Our services

Our services

American AIAT Center offers a lot of training services including :

To develop standards for the accreditation of human service and learning organizations. 
To develop and provide training to support accreditation 
To support organizations and programs to develop governance structures, monitoring systems and research-based practices. 
To accredit human service and learning organizations with a specific focus on programs and quality and service delivery. 
To achieve excellence in the delivery of services.

We help Industrial organizations to :
Present a better understanding of all industrial methods.
Improve employee and workers comprehension of the organization’s role and their responsibilities.
Improve the organization’s workplace and performance levels to achieve organizational success.
Empower employees by improving their behaviors, attitudes and morale through powerful training programs.
Improve management’s documentation and procedures.
Improve workers safety awareness.
Strengthen confidence and trust between the supplier and customer.

We adopt programs in many fields including health, oil, management, accounting, quality, industry, security, safety, professional higher studies, human development, Media, advertising and law.

-We give certificates for programs
-We give membership
-We adopt centers
-We adopt trainers
-Once certified, the trainer can gives certificates by AIAT